Guia de Negócios e Turismo de Santa Bárbara
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Social-Economic Information

        Santa Bárbara d'Oeste is located in the Campinas region, which is an important industrial, commercial and rendering service pole of the State of São Paulo.
        One of the most important social and economic infrastructure complex, this region concentrates modern and high quality highways, dynamic economic activity and greatly diversified industry.
        For the last 25 years, our city is going through a great development. In this short period of time, the population increased from 30 thousand to 170 thousand inhabitants. The well developed economic activity and the diversified and extensive infrastructure are important factors for the city, in such a short period of time, reach to greater development among which we point out:

        * Extension of the Bandeirantes highway, meaning greater integration with the state highway network.

        * Water way to be built to connect the Piracicaba and the Tietê rivers and the Paraná river to the Iguaçu river. This will make easy the river connection to Mercosul countries.

        * Privatization of railroad transportation (Ferroban) and reactivation of the branch line Campinas (Piracicaba, connecting our city to the main highway and railroad trunks of the country.

        * Brazil-Bolívia gas pipeline which will supply our city.

        * Paulínia Petrochemical Pole.

        * Bonded warehouse located 35 Km from this city.

        * Plentiful supply of skilled workers for industry and important schools of medium and high level education.

        * Attractive fiscal incentives.

        The Department of Industry, Commerce and Services of Santa Bárbara d'Oeste was created by mayor José Adilson Basso and it has fostered the city development.
        The activity of this Department has brought great results to the city during these last three years. New and important companies have installed themselves in the city thus creating more financial resources and a larger number of new jobs. At present, the following businesses are in operation in our city: 613 manufacturing companies, 2062 rendering services and 3206 stores.

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