Guia de Negócios e Turismo de Santa Bárbara
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          Santa Bárbara d'Oeste has a hospital in the central section and a modular health unit on the East side, where there is a large population concentration. During the last three years, the medical-hospital attendance capacity has increased and the number of medical specialties at the disposal of the population had to be multiplied. The construction of a new medical center as proposed with all the proper facilities will strengthen the series of resources. The modular unit is being expanded and in addition to ambulatory treatment, it will offer surgery and after surgery attendance, with 60 beds and 5 operating rooms. The first-aid stations and one medical center comprise the public health network. The investments to expand the health network, have been directed toward reaching the objective of offering attendance to patients within our own city in order to decrease the need to transfer patients to other cities in the region.
          The disease prevention campaigns have also been intensified at the same time that they have been pioneering, such as prostate cancer and hernia, thanks to the incentive of the municipal administration, which confirms the nature of heath services provided by the city.


        Santa Bárbara d'Oeste has a housing shortage of about 5,000 units. This is a very significant number which constitutes an important challenge to the municipal administration.
        At present, through the Pro-Housing Program, 538 urbanized lots are being delivered on a priority basis to people who live in slums. All this under the municipality control.


        The city urban plan is well designed with a very good transit system consisting of streets and avenues that enable easy traffic flow from the center area to all boroughs. The transit system comprises 967 streets, 57 avenues, 35 lanes an 3 tree-lined streets totaling 465 Km of public ways (4,200,000 m² of paved area)
        The city maintains an excellent and beautiful tree cultivation and street planting, which provides a healthy climate to the population. Garbage collection is diversified being 100% residential and hospital, and 85% industrial.
        The supply of drinkable water and street lighting cover 100% of residences and the sewerage 98%. Currently, there are in the city 52,417 vehicles.
        The city is served by two hospitals, The Santa Casa de Misericórida, built by the community initiative, renders services to the Health Department and where the population receive clinical and surgery treatment.
        There is also the private Hospital Dia and First Aid, both belong to Unimed.
        The Mouth Health Coordination has performed excellent work such as endodontic treatment, oral cancer and mouth lesion prevention A.T.M. painful dysfunction, facial trauma, dental treatment for hospital patients, dental cavity prevention and periodontal diseases

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