Guia de Negócios e Turismo de Santa Bárbara
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Why a guide to SANTA BÁRBARA ?

        Promove Participação Empreen-dimentos e Administração with the support of the Associação Comercial e Industrial de Santa Bárbara d'Oeste ACISB (Commercial and Industrial Association of Santa Bárbara d'Oeste) and the City Hall through the Department of Industry, Commerce and Service have prepared this guide for the purpose of showing the city business and tourism potential and also a little of its history.
        We hope that this initiative will make easier the contacts of the people and companies interested in our city in addition to supplying the location of streets, boroughs, avenues, etc.
        Here it will be found the addresses and telephone numbers of associations connected to the commerce and industry who can supply more and specific information about business and tourism in the city.
        There is a version of this guide in the Internet, which besides being easier to consult, the information is constantly updated. Visit our web-site at
        We thank the sponsors for contributing with their advertisements that have made possible this guide.

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