Guia de Negócios e Turismo de Santa Bárbara
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Avenida Monte Castelo

Located in a privileged area, this is the main access to the two most important clubs of our city and where are located the City Hall, the traditional school Com. Emí
lio Romi, the Court, the SENAI/Romi Foundation Center for the Formation of Formers, the Nucleus of Integrated Education of the Romi foundation and the União Agrícola Barbarense soccer stadium.
This avenue is the youth meeting point particularly on weekends. Also, this avenue is the city's gastronomic corridor with restaurants, bars, snackbars, etc.

Parque Ecológico

The Elisa Marconi Ecological Park, inaugurated in November 1992, has several and varied kinds of plants.
It is provided with a lecture room decorated with posters and embalmed animals that is attended by students and professors and other visitors. The place is also used for hiking, by sports people and nature lovers. 
The species of plants raised in the vivarium are used for urban arborization and tree planting.

Service: "Elisa Marconi Romano" Ecological Park
Address: Estrada da Cachoeira, s/n - São Joaquim
Visits: Monday to Sunday, from 7h00am to 5h00pm
Phone: (0xx19) 455-5081

        A place of history since the village formation, it is the main square in the city. It was built in the last decade of the 19th century. Its history started around the church and for several decades it was fenced with barbed wire the "parish square" as it was known, as later divided into two sections, one named Rio Branco square and the other Cel. Luiz Alves square. This division permitted a structure change by paving the alleys and replacing kerosene by electric lighting. The square took shape in the 30s and from then on several restoration took place, the last one in the 80s when a new architectonic design was implemented.
On December 1999 it went through a revitalization process.
The gardens were improved, modern garbage disposal containers with flowers were placed in strategic locations and the installation of four water jet sets with light projection that offers a beautiful visual effect on the water mirrors. With recreation space, the square is one of the city's postcard.


Centro Social Urbano

          The Urban Social Center, a place for large public concentration is equipped with the structure for festivals and sports events.
           Every year it holds the community June Festivities, the Nations Festivities, Carnival balls and other big events such as the Via Crucis (stage play of Christ's life with a cast of 150 actors from the community). The Center is provided with rooms for professional courses sponsored by the Social Solidarity Group, and for meetings, lectures, etc. It is provided with equipment for a variety of sports such as athletics tracks, soccer field, space for the press, dressing rooms, rest rooms and support rooms. 

Service: Centro Social Urbano "Mal. Humberto de Alencar Castelo Branco"
Address: Av. Cillos, s/n
Working Days: From Monday through Sunday
Phone: (0xx19) 455-2424


The Ipês Park was inaugurated in 1996. It is a wide space with a lake and varied fish species, trees and birds. It is a place for people who practice hiking and the ones who like to read out of doors. For two years now the park has been the meeting point for the Fishing and Recreation solidarity Meeting sponsored by the Social Solidarity Group with the participation of more than one thousand people. 



Service: Parque dos Ipês
Address: Av. Corifeu de Azevedo Marques, s/n (next to the Centro Social Urbano)
Open: From Monday through Sunday, from 7h00am to 7h00pm

          A rural suburb 10Km away from the City Center, Santo Antônio do Sapezeiro is one of the oldest sections of Santa Bárbara d'Oeste. With the construction of the Santo Antônio do Sapezeiro chapel in 1915, house construction started around the chapel.
The name originated from the devotion to Saint Anthony and the great quantity of sapé grass in the area.
The attractions in this area are the religious festivities, the waterfall (4Km from the chapel) and the local homemade sausage that is sold in quantity or served in portions in the local bars and restaurants. 




          The cemitery is located in the borough called Campo (field) that gave the name Cemitério do Campo, also known as American Cemitery (American Field Cemitery). It started in 1867 with the burial of the immigrant Mrs. Beatrice Oliver, wife of Cel. Oliver owner of a farm in the Campo vicinity. With the death of his two daughters soon after, the Colonel destined one hectare of his land so American families could bury their dead, because at that time, the city cemitery did not allow the burial of non catholics. The Cemitério do Campo belongs to the Fratenidade de Descendência Americana - FDA (American Descendant Fraternity), an association established by descendants of American immigrants who came to this region from 1866 after the Secession War. The cemitery has received illustrious visitors as the former Governor of Georgia and U.S. President Jimmy Carter and his wife Rosalyn in the 70s in addition to U.S. consulate representatives, newspapers, TV, and magazines. There are more than 400 immigrants and descendants buried in the cemitery. In the recreation area, every year in April, it is held the Brazil-United States Confederate Festival that is attended by the descendants and guests from different regions of Brazil and abroad. This cemitery is an important historical reference for our city.

Service: Cemitério do Campo
Address: Estrada do Barreirinho
Visits: By appointment and additional information by phone (0xx19) 463-2874


It was created by state Decree nº 42.798 of January 12, 1998 and it is one of the Nucleus of the Regional Program of the Environment Education Coordination of the São Paulo State Environment Secretary.
Its main function as a consulting, deliberative and executive office is to collect resources and to distribute material and knowledge to capacitate multiplier agents with a view of improving the quality of life. It is destined to educators of Basic and Medium Teaching Schools of the 21 integrated counties and to teachers and students of Higher Education, to leaders and environmentalists of the region and multiplier agents in the community. Its main office is at the Piracicaba river bank in Caiubi.


Service: Núcleo regional de Educação Ambiental
Address: Alameda Célio Angolini, 120 - Caiubi, access by the old Santa Bárbara - Piracicaba highway at km 153
Estádio União Agrícola Barbarense Futebol Clube
Address: Stadium access through Rua 13 de maio, s/n
Recreation sector and front officce: Rua dos Girassois, 21 - Jardim Panambi
Phone: (0xx19) 455-1822
Esporte Clube Barbarense Nosso Clube
Address: Avenida Monte Castelo, nº 850 Address: Rua Ricardo Fracassi, 1167 - Distrito Industrial
Phone: (0xx19) 455-5505 Phone: (0xx19) 463-3006 and 455-5366
Sallon Ipê Sociedade Dançante Veteranos - Sodave
Address: Rua da Agricultura, 2184 - Jardim Pérola Address: Rua dos Potiguares, 850 - Distrito Industrial
Phone: (0xx19) 458-4463 Phone: (0xx19) 455-2238

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