Guia de Negócios e Turismo de Santa Bárbara
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State Schools: 35 middle and High schools
Municipal Schools: 11 middle and 12 kindergarten
Private Schools: 3 kindergarten, elementary and middle schools. Professional technical school of information technology, advertising, chemistry and nursing.
Vocational Schools:  SENAI Romi Foundation Formation of Formers, courses on mechanics, electroelectronics, information technology and quality and productivity.
Higher Level School:  Universidade Metodista de Piracicaba - Unimep (Piracicaba Methodist University). Santa Bárbara d'Oeste campus Graduate courses: Architecture and Urbanism, industrial chemistry, machine and equipment maintenance. Engineering: mechanic production, industrial mechanic and nutrition chemistry, automation and control, and law. Also production engineering master's program. It is foreseen courses on design, environment and maintenance.


   The city safety is the responsibility of the military, civil and municipal police.

Military Police: comprises 76 policemen and 17 policewomen, totaling 93 people fit for active service. They have 8 vehicles and 2 motorcycle.
Phone: (19) 463-7374
Civil Police: comprises central police station, 3 police districts, 1 women safety commissioner, Ciretran, 1 jail and policemen on duty, 6 commissioners, 14 investigators and 13 clerks.
City Civil Guard: comprises 135 guards fit for active service, 10 cars.
Phone: (19) 458-1058
Emergency 1532.
Fire Brigade: comprises 28 firemen and 6 trucks.
Phone: (19) 455-1752

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