Guia de Negócios e Turismo de Santa Bárbara
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Santa Bárbara d'Oeste

1. Village Name
    The most common version about the selection of the name Santa Bárbara for the village that was just initiating, is that it is due to the construction of a chapel in honor of Saint Barbara the patron saint of the founder Mrs. Margarida da Graça Martins. Therefore, December 4 is the day dedicated to Saint Barbara according to the catholic church ritual and this is the day the city foundation is celebrated.
The then chapel in honor of Saint Barbara is today the Santa Barbara Parish church that was donated by the founder in 1818 to the Metropolitan Curia. 
2. Santa Bárbara of Toledos
    As the region was called "dos Toledos" because it was originally donated to the Toledo family that was traditional in the city of Porto Feliz, the village of Santa Bárbara became known as Santa Bárbara of the Toledos, designation that was extended to the river stream that crosses the city.
3. Curé Chapel
     On April 16, 1839 the chapel was elevated to the category of "Curé Chapel" and a curé (priest) was assigned to render spiritual assistance to the village. The Chapel became the fourth district of Vila Nova da Constituição (Piracicaba) and the sixteenth term of Porto Feliz County.
4. Villa of Santa Bárbara of Toledos
    On June 15, 1869 by law nº 2, the Villa of Santa Barbara of Toledos was created and this meant our political emancipation.
5. City of Santa Bárbara
Santa Bárbara received the privilege of city by the State Law nº 1038 of December 19, 1906.
6. Canatiba
    As existed and still does exist other cities in Brazil named Santa Bárbara, to make our city stand out, in 1937 through a resolution of the Municipal Department, it was determined to change the name to Canatiba. This was not accepted by the Santa Bárbara population who reacted immediately, starting an intense resistance campaign led by Monsignor Henrique Nicopelli.
7. Santa Bárbara Paulista
    The campaign counted with the support of the newspaper "Cidade de Santa Bárbara". A plebiscite was held to indicate a complement to the Santa Bárbara name and the selection was "Paulista". Although not officially, our city became known as "Santa Bárbara Paulista" and this name was indicated to the state authorities.
8. Santa Bárbara d'Oeste
    The Municipal Department however, did not accept the indication, and by the State Decree Law nº 14.334 dated November 30, 1944 it was deemed advisable to designate our city "Santa Bárbara d'Oeste". The population was very pleased because the name "Santa Bárbara" was maintained.
9. County
    The Santa Bárbara d'Oeste county was created on December 31, 1958 and installed on April 8,1962 as county of second judicial district comprising only its own municipal district.

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