Guia de Negócios e Turismo de Santa Bárbara
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Mayor's Words
Upon officially presenting to you the Business and Tourist Guide to Santa Bárbara d'Oeste, I give you a contemporany and interesting view of the industrial, commercial and services activities in our city. Add to them the huge effort we are expending to make up for the lost time by previous administrations that have had little concern to endow our city with the proper infrastructure to receive new interprises, to create new jobs and to adapt it to a profile identified with the new global economic realities for business, science, education and social progress.
We have invested to bring new businesses to the city and in the installation of important companies such as the Tivoli Shopping Center, Sé Hypermarket and other industrial, commercial and service companies. This is an incentive that lead us to hope for better days for the economy of our city.
As far as infrastructure, we have invested heavily in the construction of a large network for water supply including treatment, distribution and sewerage. New health and public safety equipment as well as 14 new municipal public schools that added to the private teaching institutions, have given to our city a much more dynamic profile.
Culturally, Santa Bárbara has evolved a lot during the last few years, not only due to its achievements but mainly to the presentation of music festivals, publishing of books about our history, creation of community television channel and above all to the great improvement of our soccer team - União Agrícola Barbarense Futebol Clube responsible for the promotion of our city.
The city is living a new reality. The population by sharing the government decisions through projects participation is designing their own destiny. We are a new city looking forward to greater achievements. All those who can see the potential of Santa Bárbara d'Oeste, for sure will be impressed to witness the efforts of our people to build a more deserving city.
Come visit us and be a part of our success.

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José Adilson Basso

Come visit us and be a part of our succes

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