Why a guide for Sta. Bárbara d'Oeste?
Same about the city origin and their people
Photo Gallery
See pictures about our city
Santa Bárbara Localization
Main distances and geographical aspects
Streets and Maps
Search the streets
Education and security
The schools and the police of Santa Bárbara d'Oeste
Highways around the city
Leisure and entertain
Club, theater, zoo...
Representative Entities
Who works to Santa Bárbara
Hymn, flag and heraldry
Symbols of our city
City hall
Municipal city hall of Santa Bárbara
Mayor's words
The Adílson Basso belief

portuguęs (br)


Utility Telephone
Civil services and others
Health, Habitation and Urbanization
The structure for all city
Touristic Places
Lots of nice places to know
Cultural Schedule
Check the engagement list
Economical information
A short summary

Some curiosities of our city

Transport and resources
natural resources, humans, energy and of telecommunications
Communication vehicles
Know our press
Commercial and industrial association of SBO
Word of the President
See the president's of ACISB opinion
Who developed this guide

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